If you are a frequent traveler, you might be one step ahead of the curve and have already compiled a huge list of resources that can make everything from booking flights to accommodation options easy and cost-effective.

However, if you are completely new to this, here is a list of some awesome resources that can help you plan your trip with much ease and help you save a good amount of money as well:

  • Momondo – it’s a very useful flight booking website. You can compare, save, and book the best flights for themselves with a single click.
  • Skyscanner – another flight comparison site which is just as effective as the previous ones. The only difference is that it covers budget airlines that others might overlook due to their quality scanning. Make sure to include this on your search tab while searching for flights and make a booking after considerate comparison only.
  • Airbnb – a world famous website which can help you find accommodation at a very good rate. The website connects people to owners of a home who might be looking to rent their homes or apartments for some amount of money for a short period of stay.
  • Booking.com – an all-round booking website which provides cheap rates of different categories of rooms in one place. With no advance payment policy, you can easily book accommodation here without the hassles of canceling or pre-payments.
  • Intrepid Travels – for those looking for verified and trustworthy guides to help navigate their group around the city, they offer very good but small foot tours around the city.
  • Rome 2 Rio – the website shows you the cheapest path you can take from any given point to the destination. Be it a bus, plane, taxi, or boat, they’ll show you the route and they’ll show you the cheapest one too.