Top 5 Things to See and Do in Morocco

The best and worst thing about Morocco comes in the varying landscapes the country provides as you travel through it. From the mountain terrains of Atlas Mountains to the coastal areas facing the Mediterranean Sea, you can easily get lost between so many options.
Even though there are endless options to discover in the Mediterranean country, here are the top five things that you need to see and do while exploring Morocco:
Explore the City of Marrakesh

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Other Things to See and Do in Morocco

While the usual tourist attractions get their fair share of the crowd, there are also certain less explored regions in the country which are equally, if not more, exciting and fun to visit. Here is a small list of the things you can do while roaming around the country:

Find love in Medinas – the medinas are the heart and soul of the city. The continuous chaos which runs through the streets depicts the never-tiring spirit of the city. Every turn and twist will bring you an unexpected surprise which will make you fall in love with the place. Be a little cautious though, as the love may end up burning a hole in your pocket.
Trek through the Torda Gorge – recommended for those who love to take challenging hikes in unexplored regions, this gorge is quickly becoming …

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