The best and worst thing about Morocco comes in the varying landscapes the country provides as you travel through it. From the mountain terrains of Atlas Mountains to the coastal areas facing the Mediterranean Sea, you can easily get lost between so many options.

Even though there are endless options to discover in the Mediterranean country, here are the top five things that you need to see and do while exploring Morocco:

Explore the City of Marrakesh

Dubbed as Morocco’s most modern city, Marrakesh has the perfect balance of modern day amenities with the touch of traditional flavor in its streets. The Majorelle botanical garden is one such popular place among travelers.

After that, you can explore the street culture of the city Djemaa el-Fna where people can find some excellent street artists, musicians, and chefs on every corner. Dedicate the next day to walking around the Medina, exploring the old city, and eating some local cuisines.

While Marrakesh is definitely the most international city in the country, staying for more than three days in the place isn’t just recommended. There are other parts of the country which offer too much culture and flavor that you must not miss.

Sleep Under the Stars in Sahara

The Sahara Desert is exactly as portrayed in the movies – vast, majestic, and spectacular. You can spend a night in a simple tent in the sand dunes, gazing away at the glorious night sky while a cool breeze blows past the tents.

It is a highly recommended activity for those who like to enjoy nature’s beauty unfiltered. With zero pollution and light pollution, the stars shine the brightest at the sky in the desert. The journey to the tents on a camel’s back might be a bit exhausting, but the end result is totally worth a sore back.

Roam Around in Chefchaouen

Located in the center of the Rif Mountains, the city offers some affordable accommodations for travelers. You can make a pit stop here for a week without worrying about any major impact on your pockets.

The city itself is lined with shades of sky blue from top to bottom. A gorgeous mountain landscape in the backdrop offers a view with a certain level of drama and flair that is unparalleled to anything in the world.

Chefchaouen is perfect for a week full of rest, shopping, and sipping some locally brewed tea while enjoying the breathtaking mountain views.

Visit the City of Fez


Another very famous city of Morocco, Fez is considered as the spiritual center of the city and encompasses the true cultural flavor of the country. The walled medina is full of skilled craftsmen, local cuisines, and narrow lanes bustling with people at all times.

Although the city is full of chaos, you can slowly but surely get used to it. People of the city can be observed indulged in their various occupations here. While you may not get to visit one, make sure to observe the colorful Chouara tanneries from a distinct rooftop.

Another place of importance in the city is the UNESCO heritage site of Volubilis which has a vast number of mosaics, columns, and buildings. Also, with no tour guide in sight, you have the freedom to explore the place at your own pace.

Soak Away Your Worries in a Hammam

A hammam is a traditional steam bath popular throughout North America. While a dip in these hot bath will melt all the travel stress away, these steam baths, which are located adjacent to Mosques, are believed to be spiritual in nature.

You can find a hammam in almost any part of the country. The prices of a soak will depend on the place where the hammam is located. While hotel hammams will offer a lot of privacy and comfort within them, you must try to visit a traditional hammam for an authentic and enlightening experience.

Make sure to get blessings from the local imam after you have concluded a ritual bath in the hammam.

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