Money-saving Tips

You can save a lot of money in the country by sticking to the local culture and avoiding the fancy European places there. Before you leave your home it’s important to note these tips down. From the safety of the luxury recliner, they might not seem important, but they will be when you’re there. First up, some people say it’s important to carry your own cookware sets with you. However, this will mean you’re having to find quality kitchen faucets to wash them regularly. Here are …

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Daily Budget

While your overall budget will depend on what cities you are planning to travel and what region you are currently in, this will be an estimate of how much a day in an average city might cost for different types of travelers. This is especially the case if you’re carrying your own golf equipment with you. High priced items like golf range finders and the like need to be account for in these insurance expenses. No matter what level of golfer you are, you will be carrying irons around, and therefore need to have them insured too.

For a backpacker – while backpackers …

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