You can save a lot of money in the country by sticking to the local culture and avoiding the fancy European places there. Before you leave your home it’s important to note these tips down. From the safety of the luxury recliner, they might not seem important, but they will be when you’re there. First up, some people say it’s important to carry your own cookware sets with you. However, this will mean you’re having to find quality kitchen faucets to wash them regularly. The bottom line is to make sure you plan out your savings from the start. Here are a few tips on how you can enjoy your stay at a budget while savoring the local culture at its best:

  • Negotiate taxi fares –local taxis will always be willing to negotiate with you. They do not have a set price and will drop you to your location for even a rate that might be higher for what they can get from the locals.
  • Eat from the local stalls – street food is the way to go! Not only will you be savoring the delicious and authentic cuisines of the country, but you will also be saving a considerable amount of money by avoiding the high-end restaurants.
  • Avoid drinking – while drinking is not a very popular practice across the pro-Muslim country, you can find places catering drinks to tourists. However, make sure to avoid them at all cost. They are not safe and will only burn a deep hole in your pocket.
  • Protect your valuables – the city is notoriously famous for its pickpockets, thieves, and scammers in crowded places like the Medinas. Stay alert and protect your valuables while traversing such streets. Also, avoid deserted areas.

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