The old towns such as Fez are notoriously famous for the pickpockets and scammers present in the little cramped streets of the Medinas. If you are traveling solo, chances are you will be approached by more than one store owner to come into their shop for a tea and try to sell you fake merchandise in the name of art.

While you won’t be harmed in a serious way, you can face some serious harassment by hagglers which might ruin the otherwise wonderful trip. How can you stay safe? Simply follow these rules:

  • Don’t walk in deserted places, especially during nighttime.
  • Don’t walk alone if you are a woman.
  • Don’t dress too fashionably. Too much attention is always bad.
  • Try to avoid wearing or carrying anything flashy or expensive.
  • Don’t take your valuable documents such as your passport with you.
  • Don’t venture too far into the back alleys of Medina.
  • Watch out for over-friendly people. Chances are they will try to scam you in the name of seeking or providing help.
  • Always negotiate and navigate when you take a personal vehicle to travel around the city.
  • Don’t book a tour guide on the street. They may look decent and cheaper, but saying no to them is the best option.

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