Since CBD is not differentiated from cannabis under Moroccan law, it is technically illegal.

CBD is popular due to its all-natural components, which means it is safe with evidence of health benefits. Based on WHO’s report in 2017, humans can tolerate CBD doses even as high as 1,500 mg per day. (check the official website of budpop to learn more)

In most countries other than Morocco, CBD is already legal, but some places consider cannabis an illegal substance. It is because CBD comes from plants of cannabis with a family of different species. Because of the given scenarios, using CBD can be somewhat complicated, especially when travelling with CBD products in different countries

If you are a traveller who loves CBD but doesn’t want to break any laws, read through this article as it reveals helpful travel guides with CBD.

Travelling With CBD

Since many people love using CBD, people may think of bringing CBD oil with them when travelling to places. However, the huge misunderstanding is when taking CBD along when moving around.

Some say that in their respective country, there’s no problem travelling with CBD in a plane, train, or even in a car. To understand further and avoid confusion, it is relevant to be aware of the difference between marijuana and hemp.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana came from similar plant families, but the two are different. Another difference is their cannabinoid profiles. Marijuana contains a high percentage of THC, while hemp plants have less than 0.3% of THC but are abundant in CBD. In some countries, such as Canada, 11 states in the US, and Uruguay, marijuana is legal, while hemp is legal in the majority of countries. It is because CBD products produced from hemp plants are usually known due to their health benefits.

Travelling With CBD in Different Ways

When travelling with CBD products, people use different transportation, and some do their research to be equipped with the local law. Below are ways you can carry CBD with you to other places.

  1. Plane- It was quite common to detain passengers a few years back. But right now, airports worldwide have modified their rules or policies as long as you are carrying legal CBD products.
  2. Car- Carrying CBD on the road requires you to do your research and understand the local law. But if your CBD product’s THC is lower than the legal limit, it is safe. Also, carrying CBD from hemp is being treated in a more lenient way than marijuana, which does not require carrying it in an enclosed container.
  3. Train or Mass Transit- Similar policies apply, It is ok to bring CBD products in trains and mass transportation for as long as it is within the legal amount. But still, it requires everybody to check the place’s restrictions and regulations when you’re planning to carry CBD products as some countries have conditions.

Being responsible and knowing the policies per country is your pass from jail time. Just a hint, always be ready with a certificate of your CBD product’s analysis to reflect the required THC percentage or legal minute. Remember it is better safe than sorry!

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