While your overall budget will depend on what cities you are planning to travel and what region you are currently in, this will be an estimate of how much a day in an average city might cost for different types of travelers. This is especially the case if you’re carrying your own golf equipment with you. High priced items like golf range finders and the like need to be account for in these insurance expenses. No matter what level of golfer you are, you will be carrying irons around, and therefore need to have them insured too.

  • For a backpacker – while backpackers are already experienced in how to save money on a daily basis, this city might take you for a spin. If you plan to stay in a hostel, eat from the local food stalls, and use public transportation, you can get through the day in no more than 400-500 MAD. This includes some basic city tour price as well as a visit or two to a public hammam.
  • For a mid-range budget couple – if you’re a couple staying in a budget hotel, eating out at decent shops, taking well-guided tours, and occasionally using private transportation to travel within cities, you can manage with a budget of 1250-1300 MAD per day.

For a luxury budget – for those who want to make this an all-exclusive luxurious trip by staying in top hotels, eating at fancy hotels, and taking a private tour of the city, it will easily cost them 3500 MAD per person per day.

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