Winter in Canada: What to Wear When Travelling

If you are planning a trip to Canada during winter, be prepared to encounter the freezing cold. During summer, dressing up is a lot easier as you can wear custom t shirts Canada, tank tops, and shorts. However, during winter, if you’re not dressed properly, the weather can ruin your trip. So, here are some tips to survive the Canadian winter weather.
Cover Your Entire Body
This is not an exaggeration. This means that you should also cover your face, so you can use a scarf, gloves, or a cap to protect you. During winter, if your skin is exposed, you can get frostbite in just 30 seconds. However, you can expose your eyes as they can adapt to the cold temperature.
Dress in Layers
Dressing in layers can help trap the …

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Morocco Travel Costs

Depending upon the preferred mode of accommodation, food, and travel, you can make a budget according to your own requirements. However, this guide will help you get an estimate of what it can cost you per day to travel around the city.
The currency of the country is Moroccan Dirham (MAD), and you should get an adequate amount of the local currency along with dollars and plastic cash on a trip to the country.
Accommodation will be higher in popular cities such as Marrakesh and Fez when compared to other parts of the country.

An average dorm room can cost a solo traveler anywhere between 50-100 MAD.
Budget hotels will begin at around 130 MAD per night for a double room.
Private rooms in hotels will easily cost around 250…

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Money-saving Tips

You can save a lot of money in the country by sticking to the local culture and avoiding the fancy European places there. Before you leave your home it’s important to note these tips down. From the safety of the luxury recliner, they might not seem important, but they will be when you’re there. First up, some people say it’s important to carry your own cookware sets with you. However, this will mean you’re having to find quality kitchen faucets to wash them regularly. Here are …

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Where to Stay in Morocco

You have three available lodging options to choose from:

Multi-bed hostels
Mid-range local hotel rooms
Luxury apartments and suites

Depending on the group size and budget of your group, you can choose either of the options for staying in different cities. Keep in mind that the price of accommodation will be higher in cities like Marrakesh and Fez compared to other cities that are much less populated.
Another great option for accommodation is to try out the local Couchsurfing options. Not only can you find good accommodation that way, but you can also have a personal guide to show you around….

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Daily Budget

While your overall budget will depend on what cities you are planning to travel and what region you are currently in, this will be an estimate of how much a day in an average city might cost for different types of travelers. This is especially the case if you’re carrying your own golf equipment with you. High priced items like golf range finders and the like need to be account for in these insurance expenses. No matter what level of golfer you are, you will be carrying irons around, and therefore need to have them insured too.

For a backpacker – while backpackers …

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Top 5 Things to See and Do in Morocco

The best and worst thing about Morocco comes in the varying landscapes the country provides as you travel through it. From the mountain terrains of Atlas Mountains to the coastal areas facing the Mediterranean Sea, you can easily get lost between so many options.
Even though there are endless options to discover in the Mediterranean country, here are the top five things that you need to see and do while exploring Morocco:
Explore the City of Marrakesh

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Other Things to See and Do in Morocco

While the usual tourist attractions get their fair share of the crowd, there are also certain less explored regions in the country which are equally, if not more, exciting and fun to visit. Here is a small list of the things you can do while roaming around the country:

Find love in Medinas – the medinas are the heart and soul of the city. The continuous chaos which runs through the streets depicts the never-tiring spirit of the city. Every turn and twist will bring you an unexpected surprise which will make you fall in love with the place. Be a little cautious though, as the love may end up burning a hole in your pocket.
Trek through the Torda Gorge – recommended for those who love to take challenging hikes in unexplored regions, this gorge is quickly becoming …

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Morocco Gear and Packing Guide

Again, if you are a frequent traveler, you would know what all essentials are required to travel smart but light when exploring a new city. If you are new to the whole packing stuff, here is a list of items that can help you get started with what to pack while heading to Morocco.
Choose something light, rugged, and large enough to carry all your essentials. It would be best if you choose to go with something like a rucksack over a suitcase, considering the frequent intercity traveling you would have to do.
Carry lightweight clothes which can be washed and dried easily. Keep a good amount of undergarments and socks as well. Make sure you carry all your toiletries/make-up essentials in a small pouch with you. Do not forget a pair of …

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Safety in Morocco

The old towns such as Fez are notoriously famous for the pickpockets and scammers present in the little cramped streets of the Medinas. There are many fishermen in Morocco who can be helpful with advice about safety. They will often be sitting on the shorelines fishing, you just need to approach and ask for information. Some kind fishermen will also offer to take you on fishing boat trips. If you are traveling solo, chances are you will be approached by more than one store owner to come into their shop for a tea and try to sell you fake merchandise in the name of art…

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